Hey Guys and girls I wanted to share a little on a special place I hold dear to my heart and want to also shine some light on it from a visitors standpoint.

Santorini, a beautiful volcanic Island has become one of the best tourist attraction sites. The popular destinations of Santorini are FIRA, OIA, KAMARI, PERISSA, IMEROVIGLI and AKROTIRI, each displaying its own uniqueness.

Santorini, the Cyclades of islands is connected to the Mediterranean Sea, hence it follows the weather trend of only two seasons, the winters and summers. And now, mentioning the Summers, the main attraction is their beaches and beautiful sunsets. The must visit in Kamari Beach, which is also called the ‘Black Beach’ because of its black sand, black rocks and pebbles lay across the crystal clear water. The other ‘Black Beach’ is the Perissa Beach, a beautiful beach, located southeast of Fira, lays across the bed of black sand, with the uniqueness of its Mesa Vouno, which are large black rocks and shines during the night, leaving the tourist mesmerized. Yet another beach is the ‘Red Beach’ which is located in Akrotiri and it is named because of its reddish volcanic sand that is the remains of the Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic island of Santorini. These beaches are great swimming spots as well as, perfect for snorkeling, allowing one to collect the beautiful rocks buried underwater. A client of mine Curtis at “CCM Garage Door OKC” came back from Santorini and was telling me about his trip and now I’m buying plane tickets, Again!

Perivolos is also one of the black beaches, in fact, the longest black beach, located few kilometers from Perissa. The sand is lighter than the black sand found on the beach of Perissa. It has its own beach bars and restaurants.

Vlychada is a ‘white beach’, composed of white rocks from the volcanic eruption, giving a touch of a moon landscape, has to offer a relaxing atmosphere. It is the best place to escape the crowd and have a nice quiet day with a beautiful scenery.

Exo Gialos, 4km from Fira, it’s another nice, quiet and sandy beach with black pebbles laid across and a volcanic background. This beach is perfect for couples as it is a quiet beach, perfect for people who enjoy privacy.

To enjoy your summers, the beaches, swimming, sailing and sunbathing, then it is good to visit Santorini between June to September, where the hot, sunny day let you enjoy the water and by the night one could enjoy the nightclubs and bars. The resorts also offer a lot of other facilities to the visitors to make their visit an experience of a lifetime. However, visiting the Island from late June to early September could be heavy on the pockets as it is the high season where people tend to come more to enjoy the warm sea water and its nightlife.

The beach resorts tend to close down in the winters. However, by the month of May, the beaches start to open for business as it starts to get warmer by the afternoons and by the June large number of tourists arrive as the ‘beach season’ begins. The ‘beach season’ is at its peak in the month of July, followed by three months advance reservations required for the busiest month of July.


The largest and an outstanding city in Netherlands, Amsterdam is one of the best places to have a frolic vacation. The wonderful beaches, exclusive shopping markets, historical monuments, clubs and casinos are the main attractions in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is rapidly increasing its tourists’ strength every year.

Amsterdam’s great historical aspect is reflected through the famous and finely constructed monuments and churches. The most popular one being the Von Gogh Museum built in Amsterdam Square and has a great treasure of fine paintings of Vincent Van. Anne Frank House is the next architecture which is worth knowing about, it consists of all the old documents and sculptures of the long back past. There are millions of visitors who arrive every just to see the beauty and great architectural attributes

It has very beautiful beaches and where people can enjoy, dance and drink with their loved ones. It is the best place for couples. There is some peaceful places where you can sit for long hours and read your favorite book or spend your precious time with your loved ones.

There are many kinds of cultural events are also organized and conducted for the tourists to know about the cultural events that use to be held in the past. On the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are thrown and people enjoy to their fullest. They drink, dance, sing, fun and have an awesome time. Amsterdam is famous for the New Year and Christmas Celebrations.


Amsterdam has a natural flora and fauna comprising of beautiful plants in Vondelpark and the great animals in the Artist zoo like the zebras, lions, tigers, and chimpanzee etc. The kids are really crazy about watching the animals. Shopping markets Dam Square and Magna Plaza offers a good collection of clothes, accessories, eating items, etc.


Enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam is the next significant thing to do in Amsterdam. There are different clubs, casinos and bars where you can have all the charms of the nightlife. Expensive wines, rocking music and dance are the features of an exciting nightlife in Amsterdam. Reading the things to do in Amsterdam will probably make you plan your next vacation to the wonderful capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam.



The world is all full of many scenic beauties. Most of these places are so beautiful that tourists from all parts of the world reach there to spend their vacations. Bora Bora Island is also such a destination as attract a lot of people across the world. This French Polynesian Island is like an Earthly Paradise that the visitors get absorbed in its enchanting beauties. The island water, the mountains, the lush greenery, the coral reef, the resorts, and the hotels in the Island make it a worth visiting place. Every year, millions of people reach here to refresh themselves from the stunning sights of the Island. An ideal time for visiting this natural wonder is from May to October when there are fewer rains and less humidity. The temperature ranges from 28 to 32-degree centigrade during these months. There are many vacation packages announced by almost all the big hotels and resorts. These packages offer fewer prices than normal day prices and, therefore, people prefer to go there by purchasing a suitable package.

What to Look For in Packages

Every package contains different facilities. It is up to the visitor to select the suitable one according to your needs. Here, one thing advisory is that try to avoid purchasing packages from a Bora Bora local agents. Instead, always prefer to purchase from an agent based at Tahiti. But, select the one through an agent which knows well the Bora Bora. The travel agency will receive you from Tahiti airport and will guide you throughout the tour. This tour will end up less costly. This is also because they have an easy access to the wholesale rates which you do not know. Following are the things that are usually included in Bora Bora vacation packages.

1-Bonus Nights

Bora Bora vacation packages are a lot famous for bonus nights. Almost all the resorts offer this facility. They give one-night free stay after two, three or four nights. This means that you can stay for three nights by paying for the two nights. Similarly, there are some resorts which offer seven days stay at the payment of five days. In short, as the stay prolongs you become eligible for some free nights also. Keep in mind to book the vacation package through an agent who knows the Bora Bora vacation packages quite well.

2-Free Breakfast

Bora Bora packages also include free breakfast. It is very good offer as it saves you some dollars before the beginning of a new day. You can save almost $ 50-70 per person by this free breakfast facility.

3-All Inclusive Meals

Another very good facility included in Bora Bora vacation packages is the all inclusive meal. Most people think that this all-inclusive meal is much affordable than three-time meals a day. You can also select the package including two-time meals a day. People prefer to buy this vacation package because it costs less than the three times a day meal package.


If you want to explore the real beauty of the island always select the package with some excursions. This package will be quite closer to all inclusive packages. This package is always cheap if booked through Tahiti agent than booking through your hotel.

5-Some Added Bonuses

Never miss the package with a lot of bonuses by paying in advance. Almost all the vacation packages offer additional bonuses on advance payment. Try to avail those bonuses by paying in advance.

There are many such tourist companies who have eBooks for the guidance of tourists. You can read this eBook online and then decide the vacation package. Always go for the selection of package through Tahiti travel agent and not through Bora Bora local agent to save some more money.

The year is almost halfway and it’s never late to find a new destination to travel. One of the things every traveler must consider when traveling to the Caribbean is safety. You don’t want to travel to a destination where all your possessions are lost or you become a victim of criminal activity. You can always learn and find out more about the safest places to visit by doing your research well.

There are travel websites that rate different destinations with respect to safety and you can plan your vacation well. If you’re visiting a new destination that you’re unfamiliar with the surroundings, it’s important that you follow the standard safety precautions. Here are some of the safest travel destinations in the Caribbean.

Tucks and Caicos

Tucks and Caicos is vacation spot known for its gentle turquoise waves and rare hurricanes. The area also experiences an average temperature of about 85 degrees throughout the year. It’s a perfect spot for water enthusiasts. When it comes to crime, this vacation spot is considered to be the safest destination to visit in the Caribbean. Of course you’ll find cases of petty theft hence the need to keep your valuables and money safe. The bottom line is that the overall rate of crime in this destination is relatively low.

British Virgin Islands

Well, the British Virgin Islands comprises of over sixty Islands. Not all of these islands are habitable. Travelers from all over the world come here to enjoy boating activities. The rate of crime in this destination is reported to be much lower than other countries in the Caribbean. It’s, therefore, safe here since crime is very low here.  


Anguilla is one the Caribbean Islands that has experienced growth in the past decades. This destination often receives some of the world’s richest and famous personalities such as Jimmy Buffet and Jennifer Aniston. According to reports by the United States Department of State, this Caribbean island is one of the safest destinations to visit since it has a very low crime rate. However, make sure your valuables and money are secured.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory that well-known for some of the best scuba diving in the world. It offers many other attractions including a turtle farm, hiking trails, and a lovely nature preserve. It’s one of the world’s richest islands. Most of the crime reported on the Cayman Islands involves petty theft. According to the United States Department of State, this destination is relatively safe since the rate of crime affecting visitors is very low.

Maldives is one of the destinations every traveler would want to be someday. It can be described as paradise. The destination is characterized by pure luxury, sandy beaches and a lot more to explore. It’s important to note that the Maldives features about one thousand, one hundred and ninety islands, with only two hundred being inhabited by people. Despite having numerous options, travelers usually choose what they think is best for them. This place has a thriving culture worth exploring. Here are some of the best things to do in Maldives.

Head to the Male’ Fish Market and catch a glimpse of Maldivian’s daily lives

When you interact with the locals, they’ll tell you this place is the commercial epicenter of fishing in their country. Remember, fishing is considered the most important commercial activity or industry in Maldives. You’ll meet fishermen from all over the country unloading their daily catch and maybe get to buy the most popular fish in the region, known as Tuna. The best time to get to the market would be in the afternoon and early in the evening.

Explore different artifacts and learn about the Maldives at the National Museum

The National Museum was established to help in preserving the country’s valuable relics from the time it became a republic. You’ll have time to explore different ornate attire, royal sunshades, regal objects, thrones, and jewelry. You’ll also get to learn about the pre-Islamic era which existed about one thousand years ago.

Experience the Local Culture at Thulhaadhoo

After spending time in the white sand and the high-end luxury at the different resorts, it’s important to explore the rich cultural heritage in Maldives. It’s also good to spend some time away from the luxury offered in Maldives to appreciate Thulaadhoo for the arts.

Snorkeling and Diving

If you’re the kind that loves scuba diving, the reefs in Maldives are so pristine for snorkeling. It’s more fun when you do it with the sea turtles. When it comes to diving, the Maldives ranks among the top scuba diving destinations in the world.

Underwater spa Date at Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi

There’s just something special about the Maldives when it comes to having an spa experience. Travelers can enjoy couture facials, cold ice, and truffles for their skins in a different world. This will be one of those experiences you never forget. As a matter of fact, you’ll plan to come back. Those who have been here explain that it’s the ultimate relaxation experience they’ve ever had. You’re treated while surrounded by glass walls. It’s even more interesting that the walls stare out into the ocean and you can see the marine life dancing and moving around you.