Hey Guys and girls I wanted to share a little on a special place I hold dear to my heart and want to also shine some light on it from a visitors standpoint.

Santorini, a beautiful volcanic Island has become one of the best tourist attraction sites. The popular destinations of Santorini are FIRA, OIA, KAMARI, PERISSA, IMEROVIGLI and AKROTIRI, each displaying its own uniqueness.

Santorini, the Cyclades of islands is connected to the Mediterranean Sea, hence it follows the weather trend of only two seasons, the winters and summers. And now, mentioning the Summers, the main attraction is their beaches and beautiful sunsets. The must visit in Kamari Beach, which is also called the ‘Black Beach’ because of its black sand, black rocks and pebbles lay across the crystal clear water. The other ‘Black Beach’ is the Perissa Beach, a beautiful beach, located southeast of Fira, lays across the bed of black sand, with the uniqueness of its Mesa Vouno, which are large black rocks and shines during the night, leaving the tourist mesmerized. Yet another beach is the ‘Red Beach’ which is located in Akrotiri and it is named because of its reddish volcanic sand that is the remains of the Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic island of Santorini. These beaches are great swimming spots as well as, perfect for snorkeling, allowing one to collect the beautiful rocks buried underwater. A client of mine Curtis at “CCM Garage Door OKC” came back from Santorini and was telling me about his trip and now I’m buying plane tickets, Again!

Perivolos is also one of the black beaches, in fact, the longest black beach, located few kilometers from Perissa. The sand is lighter than the black sand found on the beach of Perissa. It has its own beach bars and restaurants.

Vlychada is a ‘white beach’, composed of white rocks from the volcanic eruption, giving a touch of a moon landscape, has to offer a relaxing atmosphere. It is the best place to escape the crowd and have a nice quiet day with a beautiful scenery.

Exo Gialos, 4km from Fira, it’s another nice, quiet and sandy beach with black pebbles laid across and a volcanic background. This beach is perfect for couples as it is a quiet beach, perfect for people who enjoy privacy.

To enjoy your summers, the beaches, swimming, sailing and sunbathing, then it is good to visit Santorini between June to September, where the hot, sunny day let you enjoy the water and by the night one could enjoy the nightclubs and bars. The resorts also offer a lot of other facilities to the visitors to make their visit an experience of a lifetime. However, visiting the Island from late June to early September could be heavy on the pockets as it is the high season where people tend to come more to enjoy the warm sea water and its nightlife.

The beach resorts tend to close down in the winters. However, by the month of May, the beaches start to open for business as it starts to get warmer by the afternoons and by the June large number of tourists arrive as the ‘beach season’ begins. The ‘beach season’ is at its peak in the month of July, followed by three months advance reservations required for the busiest month of July.


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