Bora Bora Vacation Packages You Don’t Want To Miss

The world is all full of many scenic beauties. Most of these places are so beautiful that tourists from all parts of the world reach there to spend their vacations. Bora Bora Island is also such a destination as attract a lot of people across the world. This French Polynesian Island is like an Earthly Paradise that the visitors get absorbed in its enchanting beauties. The island water, the mountains, the lush greenery, the coral reef, the resorts, and the hotels in the Island make it a worth visiting place. Every year, millions of people reach here to refresh themselves from the stunning sights of the Island. An ideal time for visiting this natural wonder is from May to October when there are fewer rains and less humidity. The temperature ranges from 28 to 32-degree centigrade during these months. There are many vacation packages announced by almost all the big hotels and resorts. These packages offer fewer prices than normal day prices and, therefore, people prefer to go there by purchasing a suitable package.

What to Look For in Packages

Every package contains different facilities. It is up to the visitor to select the suitable one according to your needs. Here, one thing advisory is that try to avoid purchasing packages from a Bora Bora local agents. Instead, always prefer to purchase from an agent based at Tahiti. But, select the one through an agent which knows well the Bora Bora. The travel agency will receive you from Tahiti airport and will guide you throughout the tour. This tour will end up less costly. This is also because they have an easy access to the wholesale rates which you do not know. Following are the things that are usually included in Bora Bora vacation packages.

1-Bonus Nights

Bora Bora vacation packages are a lot famous for bonus nights. Almost all the resorts offer this facility. They give one-night free stay after two, three or four nights. This means that you can stay for three nights by paying for the two nights. Similarly, there are some resorts which offer seven days stay at the payment of five days. In short, as the stay prolongs you become eligible for some free nights also. Keep in mind to book the vacation package through an agent who knows the Bora Bora vacation packages quite well.

2-Free Breakfast

Bora Bora packages also include free breakfast. It is very good offer as it saves you some dollars before the beginning of a new day. You can save almost $ 50-70 per person by this free breakfast facility.

3-All Inclusive Meals

Another very good facility included in Bora Bora vacation packages is the all inclusive meal. Most people think that this all-inclusive meal is much affordable than three-time meals a day. You can also select the package including two-time meals a day. People prefer to buy this vacation package because it costs less than the three times a day meal package.


If you want to explore the real beauty of the island always select the package with some excursions. This package will be quite closer to all inclusive packages. This package is always cheap if booked through Tahiti agent than booking through your hotel.

5-Some Added Bonuses

Never miss the package with a lot of bonuses by paying in advance. Almost all the vacation packages offer additional bonuses on advance payment. Try to avail those bonuses by paying in advance.

There are many such tourist companies who have eBooks for the guidance of tourists. You can read this eBook online and then decide the vacation package. Always go for the selection of package through Tahiti travel agent and not through Bora Bora local agent to save some more money.

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